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ITF 41st Congress Press Pack

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What is the ITF?

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is a global organisation representing around four and a half million transport workers worldwide. Unions – currently 624 from 142 countries – affiliate to the ITF, which is able to carry their interests into the global arena.

Founded in London in 1896 the ITF is one of 10 Global Union Federations.

More details are available on the main ITF website.

What is the ITF Congress?

The four yearly Congress is the ITF’s supreme decision making event, at which delegates from its affiliated trade unions are able to vote to determine the course the ITF will take until the next Congress.  It elects the ITF’s Executive Board, President, Vice Presidents and General Secretary; approves – or not – the organisation’s last four years’ work; and sets the agenda for the next four years.  It also approves reports from the ITF’s industrial sections, which meet during the congress. The event is open to delegates, observers, press and public.

Press facilities

Journalists are welcome to attend Congress. The opening ceremony and plenary sessions are all open to media. Only the internal Section meetings are private. Please register at the entrance when you first arrive. There is a dedicated online press area at this page.

Congress timetable

For full details of the Congress timetable please see this page.

Congress 2006 visitor numbers

As of 25th of July 1,194 participants from 387 unions in 111 countries have registered for the event.


Downloadable photos will be posted on this page during Congress. Please feel free to use these gratis. We ask that where possible you credit ITF.

Speaker notes

For biographies of speakers please go to this page.

Congress on the Web

The Congress website is being updated continuously for the duration of Congress, and features daily notices, articles and interviews, as well as a complete calendar and list of motions and resolutions. Users can read meeting documents online, download materials, and find other useful information by clicking on a meeting and following the available links.  

How to get there: venue information

The website of the International Convention Centre is available via this link.

Practical information

For information on hotel bookings, passport requirements etc please see this page.

Previous ITF Congresses

A full list of the ITF’s previous Congresses, from the first in London in 1896 to the most recent, in Vancouver in 2002, is available on this page.

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Copyright © 2020 ITF
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